Join us for worship!

**Updated 4/24/22

Join worship online 

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Enter Meeting ID: 863 764 547
  3. You will be placed in a waiting room until the service begins

Join worship by phone

  1. Call: 1-312-626-6799 US
  2. When prompted, enter Meeting ID: 863 764 547
  3. You will be placed in a waiting room until the service begins

(Updated 10/24/21)

COVID19 REBUILDING UPDATE: Vaccine requirement to begin November 28, 2021 for all church activities 

On September 28th, the Servant Leadership Board approved a proposal from the Rebuilding Team to move forward with a vaccine requirement for all church activities beginning November 28th. This decision was informed by strong support from informal polls, the information that everyone who attends worship in-person currently is vaccinated, and a desire to support public health measures to end COVID19. 

What does that mean for me? This means that starting November 28th, you will be required to show proof of your vaccine to participate in in-person activities at the church. If you are not able to show proof of your vaccine, you will be asked to participate in the activities virtually when possible.

Do I need to bring my vaccine card with me when I come to church? You can show proof of your vaccination in a few ways:

  • Bring the card with you the first time you come to church. 
  • Submit a picture of your card ahead of time to our secure database HERE or send a copy via postal mail; do not send us your original card)
  • Use the app Docket to show proof of your vaccine
  • You will be asked to do this once, and then it will be noted that you have been vaccinated, so going forward you will not need to bring proof of vaccination.

Does that mean worship will return to normal? We are working towards a new normal, and this requirement will mean that everyone will be welcome back to worship in-person as long as they can show proof of their vaccination. We will continue to offer a virtual option for worship, too, so people who prefer or are only able to access worship virtually may continue to participate in our community.

What does this mean for kids? Children who do not qualify for vaccines are exempted from this. This requirement applies to all people who qualify for vaccines

What if I medically cannot receive a vaccine? Please have a conversation with the pastors about this. Because of our requirement, our community will be a safer place for those who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons!

Why November 28th? We wanted to give people enough time to learn this information and adjust accordingly. November 28th is also the beginning of the Advent season this year and we are excited to begin Advent with more people returning safely to in-person worship!

Are all church activities resuming November 28th? No, worship is the main church activity we are focusing on because of our custodial and volunteer capacity, and given that we are in a process of renewal of our church identity and mission.  

Are other churches doing this? Churches across the metro span the spectrum of how they are handling COVID19. Some churches have never stopped their activities and do not require masks, some are still worshipping virtually only, and then other churches find themselves somewhere between the two options.

Are you worried that people will show fake vaccine cards? We are aware that this is a possibility, but given that doing this is a federal crime (see here for more information), we are hopeful that that is enough of a deterrent for most people who will participate in our community of faith.  

What about funerals/memorial services? Families also span the spectrum of how they are handling COVID19 for their funeral/memorial services. For funeral/memorial services held at Northeast UMC’s church building, vaccines will be required and we will do our best to publicize this repeatedly in advance to minimize this being a surprise to people who experience a death in their family.

I have a question that’s not answered here, or I want to share my opinion about this with someone – who should I talk to? Please feel free to ask the pastors and any member of the Servant Leadership Board (contact pastors for their info or refer to the newsletter) so we can respond to your question and also include it in our communications going forward.

To participate in weekly Sunday worship online:

  1. Anytime after 10:00am on Sunday, open up this website:
  2. Enter: Meeting ID: 863 764 547 when prompted
  3. You will be placed in a Waiting Room until the service begins.
  4. When you get into the meeting, please mute yourself: At the lower left side of the Zoom window, there is an icon of a microphone. Please click it and put yourself on mute until you need to speak. You will know it is on mute when there is a red line through the microphone. We cringe at this request, and we have found that if people are unmuted during the service, we only hear their singing, and the group cannot hear the piano
  5. To unmute yourself, click the microphone with the red line through it.
  6. If your audio/sound is giving a lot of feedback, click the icon of a microphone so that there is a red line through it. Then, also mute your computer’s sound (in Apple computers, this is in the top right; in PC computers, this is on the bottom right). After you’ve muted yourself, and the sound coming from your computer, join by phone (info below) and participate that way.
  7. We do record the service and make it available to the public. If you would not like to make your face &/or name available in this way, please turn off your video and rename yourself during the service.

To participate in worship via phone call:

  1. Anytime after 10:00am on Sunday, dial: 1-929-205-6099
  2. Enter: Meeting ID: 863 764 547 when prompted and then press #
  3. You will be placed in a Meeting Room until the service begins.
  4. When you get into the meeting, please mute yourself: When you are in the meeting, find the “Mute” button on your phone. Press “Mute” and your will be on mute.
  5. When you want to speak, unmute yourself by clicking your phone’s “Mute” button. Please remember to click “Mute” again when you are done speaking.

If you are not able to join us live, no worries! Please watch the video on Facebook online here.

About Our Virtual Worship:

During COVID-19, our worship is available online or by phone via the teleconference platform Zoom. Our worship is held live and is not pre-recorded, and though that means dealing with more tech challenges, we believe that the live connection with one another outweighs the occasional tech glitches. 

Note About Zoom: Zoom is an online platform that allows individuals and families to either call into worship via phone, or login via video conference. While it most certainly does NOT replace the experience of being together in the same space with our whole bodies & spirits, we are glad – given the circumstances – to have this technology and try this new experiment with you all. Whether or not you choose to Zoom in on Sundays, please know that the whole church community will be in our prayers.