What We Believe

Like any faith community, all of our members and participants together create a dynamic system of diverse beliefs. What unites us is our commitment to loving one another (and all creatures) even while we are very different from each other. That said, some of our uniting beliefs include:

Bible: The bible as a sacred text that reflects how humans have experienced God over the past millennia and inspires us to connect with God in our time.

God: God as the source of life, animating all creatures, from bacteria to mountains, and unceasingly inviting all of us into connection and away from destruction.

Jesus: Jesus as the centering question and inspiration of our faith, both in history and present today through the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit as the force beyond yet within all of us, at work long before we were even a thought, calling us away from our deep tendencies to othering and commiting violence against those who are different, and towards a life of courage and vulnerability (i.e. salvation).

Church: The Church and the church. Church with a capital C refers to the universal, spiritual expression and unfolding of Jesus’ community on earth. And church with a lowercase c is the humanly-driven implementation of that spiritual community within a particular context. These two expressions of c/Church are lived out concurrently, sometimes intersecting, sometimes diverging.

Environmental resilience & sustainability: our ongoing practices of making increasingly conscious choices to live our lives in a way that reflects our deep interconnectedness with our socio-ecological systems.

Spiritual fulfillment: our ever-evolving goal that is just kind of hard to describe. We believe that we are enSpirited and embodied creatures, connected to God, to one another, and to all created beings. Grounded in that reality, we hope that all of our gatherings – Sunday morning worship, our community meals, our gardening efforts, our bible studies, and everything in between – can help us be more grounded, centered, and connected to ourselves, God, one another, and all created things.

Social justice: our recognition that our world does a poor job at distributing power in a way that benefits everyone, and our practices to follow Jesus’ footsteps and create systems in which power is not so concentrated in white, male, able, cis-gendered, heterosexual, citizen bodies. We love people who are in all of those categories and we believe there is never a shortage of love to go around to all. We also believe that love sometimes comes in the form of giving up and sharing power with people who are different.  

Have questions? Want to learn more?

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