Our Garden

What’s happening right now? 

“The cooler breezes, next week being September reminds me that summer is nearing its end.  How does is go by so quickly. We’ve been busy with planting and harvesting. Shirley Jackson helped out picking red currants along Lowry Avenue.  We have a new gardening friend, Jimmy, dropping in on Thursday afternoons for turning compost, weeding and tending his 2 adopted tomato plants. Virginia Broich started cherry tomatoes and eggplants for our gardens, producing beautifully.  Shirley Lockhart, Cindy Sowden, Jennah, Bohn’s Garden have all been participating in adopt a tomato or sharing of tomatoes. Oh how I love the taste of fresh vine ripened tomatoes.  

The Bohn garden, with the help of Sue & Sharon Carley harvesting, is a major contributor to the donations to Little Kitchen Food Shelf most Wednesdays this summer. Sharon and Sue Carley have been our harvester extraordinaires again this year! Yes, others among us have been harvesting but and there is more to harvest.  But these two women have been at their going to the Bohn’s garden and then NEUMC garden most Wednesdays to deliver 89 pounds of fresh produce. They also picked, washed, pitted and froze 67 cups of cherries and so far 18 cups of raspberries this summer. I can’t even guess how many cherries there would have been to harvest had it not been so wet.  Because of all the rain that fell a large number of cherries were molding on the trees before even able to harvest. We are always busy weeding especially Marlys Norvell and Arlin Carlson on creeping charlie. 

I also want to share about a special memorial planting for Ann Carr of pink climbing rose bush planted by grandaughter Jesse and great grandchildren Atlas & Elanor this past June. Pink was Ann’s favorite color. The rose bush is climbing and looking healthy as well as the other flower seeds and red impatiens that Atlas helped to plant. It was a happy time. Always enjoy new plantings and helpers in the gardens.

Reminder, there will be a second bearing of raspberries again in the near future and lasting until hard frost if you didn’t have a chance to pick earlier this summer.  Also, I hope you all know that we shouldn’t need to purchase oregano or thyme or hyssop because we have plenty in our gardens. If you do not know where to find for cutting or what to do to dry it if you don’t use fresh just ask and I will help answer questions. We will be having a couple fall clean up dates as well as planting bulbs so stay tuned.  If you were not able to attend canning class but want to learn or help with canning let me know, Sara Jane. We are still canning just not any official class. Also, as we are getting teas, mixes, canned items ready for sale we need help packaging and labeling if you are interested in helping with these different mostly seated projects end of September.  

We all share our gifts in many ways so remember that even if you haven’t garden you have shared and our garden is a gift for us all to share.” –   Sara Jane Van Allen

Want to help us grow things?

Contact Pastor Leah at leah@northeastumc.com or 612.789.7462.