Our Garden

What’s happening right now? 

Walipini: Like our earth, our walipini also has seasons. We will be saying good-bye to the current form of Walipini Sophia this year. Please read more online here.   

The rest of the garden: Winter is here and though our garden appears to be sleeping, much is at work! The organic matter like leaves are insulating the soil and roots from frigid cold, root systems are growing and releasing water to keep themselves from freezing, soil-dwelling animals like insects, worms, frogs and snakes are either hibernating or are “vacationing” and being fed by the food they stored throughout the year, and soil microbes like bacteria and fungi are active. God’s creatures are amazing! 

“Next time you are out braving the cold on a wintery day, try to imagine the root systems and living creatures below ground. We can thank soil for protecting and insulating its inhabitants. Whether they are hibernating or snacking on stored food, they are alive and well.” – Mary Tiedeman, Soil Science of Society member

Why do you have a church garden? Our garden has seven purposes:

  • Provide a doorway to God
  • Connect with our neighbors
  • Inspire hope in the community
  • Stewardship of the land for enjoyment, food, and spiritual rejuvenation
  • Supply ingredients for the church’s free community meals.
  • Create an inviting churchyard.
  • Demonstrate who we are as followers of Jesus.

If you see us planting, weeding, or harvesting, feel free to join in! It’s a community effort.


Want to help us grow things?

Contact Pastor Hope at hope@northeastumc.com or 612.789.7462.