Grow Your Faith

Weekly Bible/Book Study

Join us for conversation that grows our faith and our intellect! We meet at 9:15am on most Tuesdays. Contact Pastor Hope at for more information.

Men's Ministries

Men’s Ministries meets for breakfast once a month in the Fellowship Hall, with members of the group taking turns as chef. The men discuss a variety of topics, from one member’s tour of duty in Iraq to outreach programs for over-the-road truckers. They plan mission trips and community service programs and occasionally lead worship services.

United Methodist Women

“The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.”

Any woman who wants to commit herself to the purpose mentioned above can be a United Methodist Woman. On an international scale, United Methodist Women works to alleviate problems concerning health, nutrition, and nurture; alleviating violence; church and gender issues; economic development; refugees and displaced persons; education, particularly of the girl child; exploitation of children; poverty; children of war and refugees. There are approximately 1 million UMW members worldwide. Locally, the group supports Emma Norton Services, the nursery school at Joyce United Methodist in Minneapolis, and the Neighborhood Children’s House, which is housed in our church. An annual Baked Potato Luncheon provides funds for other local causes.  

Music Ministry

The old joke at ecumenical services is that the Methodists are the ones who know all the hymns. Music is a big part of our spiritual life, and we love to share it every chance we get. If you sing or play an instrument, you’re encouraged to share your musical gift during worship.

It may be instrumental or choral, classical or jazz, contemplative or contemporary. It can be a group effort or a solo. Soloists often share the gift of music as a prelude, the background when the offering is taken, or as a parting postlude.

Knitting Group

The Knitting Group welcomes people who crochet as well as knitters. Projects include prayer shawls, ulcer bandages, hats of all sizes, newborn baby hats and 30-inch baby blankets. These projects have been given to many individuals and to Global Health Ministries .They provide warm scarves for clients of The Dignity Center. In the past, the group contributed prayer shawls to “Angels on Assignment,” which gave them to families with loved ones in Iraq.

Altar Guild

Our altar is part of our expression of faith, and the setting of the Lord’s Table often complements the sermon for the day. Guild members do more than change the colors of the altar cloths throughout the church year. They create works of art with bread, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and locally grown flowers! If you have a knack for arranging flowers, making banners or other types of interior decoration, the Altar Guild would love to have you join them.

Miriam Circle

The Miriam Circle  traces its beginnings back to the days when the church was part of the Evangelical United Brethren. At that time, it was called the Christian Service Guild. When the EUB and the Methodists merged in 1968, the Miriam Circle was born. The circle is named after Miriam, the sister of Moses, who kept an eye on her little brother. And that’s what Miriam Cirlce members do, too! They meet monthly to explore worldwide issues that affect women and children, such as human trafficking, women’s health, social justice, and immigration.  Locally, the group supports Emma Norton Services, the nursery school at Joyce United Methodist in Minneapolis, and the Neighborhood Children’s House, which is housed in our church.

Want to get involved?

Contact Pastor Hope at or 612.789.7462