Find Your Home in the City

Spiritual Fulfillment

Church is for connection. We connect through Tuesday morning Bible & book study, women’s group (Miriam Circle), having fun with other families (starting in October!) playing music and learning with kids on Sundays. We would love for you to join. What is your spirit longing for? Reach out to Pastor Leah to talk more about it:

Environmental Sustainability

Church is for creation care. God created us within a complex and amazing system. We know that what affects the bees affects the food we eat. Growing food in our garden, giving food to no-judgment food shelves, and increasing our usage of solar are ways we work towards a more sustainable world. We can’t do this hard work alone, though. Are you feeling called to tend our earth so that it lasts beyond our generation? Reach out to Pastor Trevor to talk more about it:

Social Justice

Church is for courage. We are aware that equality is not enough. As a community we seek equity, opportunities for all to have a life that is safe and meaningful. We try to help people do this by feeding them, body and soul, at Saturday community meals, and through supporting the Lowry Grove community as they advocate for affordable housing. If you’re tired of doomsday headlines and helplessness, reach out to Pastor Trevor to talk more about how to improve our corner of the world: