Dungeons & Dragons

We are excited to play Dungeons & Dragons with you! Here are some helpful resources to get started:

1) Watch the video below: The video will provide you with general information about Dungeons & Dragons and how to play. It will also guide you to create a digital character sheet through the online platform D&D Beyond (www.dndbeyond.com). This will require you to create a profile using your Google, Apple, or Twitch account.

  • If you do not want to create a digital character sheet, please still watch the video, then download this paper character sheet -> Lvl 1 D&D sheet print, and fill it out to the best of your ability and bring it to the session with you.

2) Identify and communicate your consent: The video will direct you to read through this consent form so that you can communicate what topics and themes you are uncomfortable with being a part of the game.

  • Please read through this Consent-in-Gaming-Form-Fillable-Checklist and be prepared to either share your lines and veils verbally during the session or write them down and give them to the Dungeon Master (DM)/Game Master (GM) before or at the beginning of the session.

3) Come to the session! Please come as prepared as you are able. As the video will describe, if you can come with a character that has a race (species/tribe), class (vocation/guild/profession), and motivation (what the character loves/what the character is afraid of/why they are adventuring), that would be great! If that is overwhelming, either contact the pastors (below) or just attend the session and you will get help.

  • Sessions will always be hybrid unless indicated otherwise. This means you are welcome to participate online via Zoom OR to come to the church building in-person. Masks are required for the in-person option.

4) Send us your questions! You can contact us by email or by using the church phone number:

  • Pastor Trevor – trevor@northeastumc.com
  • Pastor Leah – leah@northeastumc.com
  • Phone: 612.789.7462

We’re excited to see you soon!