Northeast UMC Weekly Announcements – Updated 11/21/21


Vaccine Requirement to Begin on Nov 28 – NEXT WEEK: If you would like to participate in-person with church activities, you are asked to demonstrate that you have been vaccinated. 

  • Submit your vaccine proof ahead of time HERE 
  • Go HERE for more information and FAQs!


TODAY – Sexuality 101 – Sunday, November 21st after worship: Have you ever been curious to know what science says about sexual desire? Are you familiar with the term non-concordant arousal and how it works? Would you like more tools on the topic of consent? We’ll cover this and and much, much, more at Sex & Sexuality 101 on Novemeber 21st! Looking forward to seeing you there! -Jenny!

Advent Devotional Practice – Holy Dark with Black Liturgies (sign-up by Nov 28): Last year, we sent out a myriad of Advent devotional options for you to consider in our upcoming season of Advent. This year, we want to extend an invitation to join us in a specific Advent practice led by Cole Arthur Riley, the creator behind the Black Liturgies resource. Essentially the invitation is to pre-order her book (which will be excellent) and then join in four virtual, candlelit spaces for reflection on the four Sunday evenings of Advent. Here is what she says (please note her PS in particular):

“Advent, in Christian traditions, is a season that coincides with the time of year when the days get shorter and the darkness of night gets longer and longer, as we wait for a God who dwelled in the sacred black of a womb.

I actually wrote the first draft of my book, This Here Flesh, during Advent and Christmastide last year, and in many ways it is the silent heartbeat of the book. A season where we are given space to name our deepest longings— to name the quiet ache that each of us experiences for belonging, justice, healing, and liberation.

And this year, I’m excited to announce that this Advent, anyone who preorders my book before Nov 28th, will be invited to a very intentional virtual space. Sunday evenings during Advent, we’ll gather by candlelight for a brief reflection, and we’ll spend some time practicing breathing and silence as we learn to wait together through the dark. All you have to do is preorder This Here Flesh, and fill out this form to register by November 28th.

In addition, I’ll be offering more intensive Patreon content during this liturgical season, sharing an Advent meditation and liturgy every week on Patreon. This year we will lean into 4 themes—The Wait, The Silence, The Body, and The Dark. So if you’re interested in written content and liturgies, be sure to become a patron!

Looking forward to waiting through the darkness of Advent together again. You all are sacred company on the journey.

Peace and rest,




I know that preordering books can feel kinda blah. It goes against all of our formation toward quick rewards, and forces us to wait for what was promised. But preordering books from Black authors is a major force against systemic injustice in the publishing world. It signals to booksellers that our words are worth reading, that there is an appetite for Black thought, and to be completely honest it would be a huge gift to me as a first time writer. It’s you saying to me and all those involved, my words are worth waiting for. And that means more than you know this Advent.”


We hope you seriously consider joining us in both supporting this emerging Black author and in the Advent practice she is leading this year. If cost is an issue, please don’t hesitate to let the pastors know and we will make sure you are able to participate for free.

COVID19-Mindful Communion – November 28: Join us in-person as a fully vaccinated church the first Sunday of Advent, November 28! We will celebrate with song, Scripture, communion, and more!

Save-the-Date – Transformative Justice 101 – Dec 5: Join us for the last workshop in our fall educational series!

Upcoming Charge Conferences: We have two upcoming charge conferences to approve our pastoral compensation and our 2022 budget. Please save-the-date and join us right after worship: December 12 and January TBD

Christmas Eve Service – December 24 at 7pm CT: We are thrilled to be able to worship together again on this sacred day. Join us online or in-person for lessons and carols!

Interested in feeding people? We have many opportunities! Contact the pastors for more information:

  • Church gardening on Wednesdays @ 10am
  • Meals on Wheels Drivers needed
  • Monthly Community Meal – 2nd Saturdays of the month
  • Monthly Mobile Meal Ministry – 3rd Saturdays of the month


Our leadership board meets on the fourth Tuesdays of the month at 4:30pm to guide the present and future direction of our church to align with our mission, vision, and values. Members and ministry representatives are:

  1. Internal Ministries (Garden, Community Meals, Worship, Discipleship) – Cindy Ohlenkamp 
  2. External Ministries (Mobile Meals, STAPOC/outreach) – Roger Hart
  3. Finances – Doron Clark & Barb Draper 
  4. Operations/Trustees (i.e. all things facility/property) – Sande Hill
  5. SPRC: This is our version of HR, which means any concerns about clergy, staffing, and leadership – Trish Fleischhacker 
  6. Rebuilding & Readiness (Strategic Planning, Community Prayer) – Mary Halet
  7. If your proposal doesn’t fall into any of these categories, contact Roger Hart to figure it out!

The SLB meets on the fourth Tuesdays of the month 4:30-6pm. If you would like to join, please contact Roger to receive the joining info and participation guidance. SLB minutes are available monthly in the church newsletter.